Altrans TRANSPORT offers a range of complete and competitive solutions to meet the requirements of your market and your business.

The current economy requires you to be efficient in your heart business. Altrans meets your needs competitiveness, Quality, Safety, and efficiency in a global context.

Satisfy our customers by constantly listening to, you bring the necessary competitive advantage to your markets, anticipating market developments, are the ambitions of men and women who constitute the Altrans teams who daily seek the performance of our customers .
National & International Transport Complete Lots:
The Altrans solution for the transport of your packaged products (full loads of 33 pallets / 25 Tons) throughout France and Europe.

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palletized groupage & National Geographic:
Two benefits to meet your requests and provide the answer to your markets on French territory.

palletised distribution from 1 to 4 pallets (200kgs 2T)
With our own means and resources shared within POLE network, we deliver your palletized products within 24 to 48 hours throughout France.

& readable control budget, traceability of products, unique matching, your own access to track shipments via a secure website ...

"Your customers are close at hand"

National grouping of five pallets full truck (2.5T 25 T)
Some of the profile and the type of expedition (palletized, length ..) Altrans supports your products from your shipping locations to deliver your customers throughout France.

A service offering that is based on own and local partners.
Rental with and without drivers.
You keep control of your transportation without constraints.

Altrans supports social management of drivers, technical monitoring of vehicles, monitoring and enforcement of regulatory standards, etc ..
You have a transparent annual budget, contract and commitment to quality, you control your costs and optimize your customer service.

We adapt our ways to suit your business (growth) thanks to our park, our mastery of outsourcing.

Some of the hardware (curtainsider semi, carrier, fridge ...) The Altrans solution meets your needs and fits your industrial market, food industry, large Distribution, Retail Specialized...
The human and technical expertise Altrans for your supply chain.

All solutions & know-how Altrans in Transport & Logistics and mastered together to optimize your organization and competitiveness.

Recovery and park staff: you refocus on your business and we manage your resources.

Transport organization set piloting mastery of your costs. We put at your disposal our own, charter; dedicated resources. An approach that takes into account and variabilise your needs.

System information portal data exchange transport; Logistics...
7 Agencies
186 motor vehicles
197 semi-trailers
280 drivers

Altrans invests in clean technologies in partnership with OEMs who accompany us.

A sustainable development approach that takes into account the mastery of greenhouse gas emissions, road safety, the involvement of all employees of Altrans in the pursuit of excellence for our customers and for their professional development.

Our professionalism at your service
EUROLOGISTIQUE specializes in freight logistics and manages all logistics activities Altrans group.

Located near major highways, our sites offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

We have, to date more storage area of ??40000m2.

Our desire is to offer a complete service in logistics, including transport upstream and downstream, storage, management and interventions of all kinds on products.

We are also specialists in inventory management, management in stores advanced providers, order picking, picking, management Kanban, delivery just-in-time connections E.D.I. and archiving paper.

A project team of chefs at your service to ensure the study, design, installation, training and support for all solutions to ensure a relevant and optimized implementation of the adjusted operational logistics your needs.

Our strengths

An ISO 9001 To 2008
Efficient means
A human-sized company
Competent and responsible interlocutors

At your service :

Availability, reliability, punctuality
Optimizing your needs
Information feedback
Continuous amelioration

Altrans specializing in road transport of goods for many years, has through the decades by demonstrating commitment and innovation.
This success is also based on key factors such as men and women of business and infrastructure in place.

In this context, Altrans up security at the heart of its business approach.

Also, she is committed to implement all the levers to:

- To protect its personnel through prevention by enabling them to work in good conditions.
- To ensure the safety of third she sees every day
- Respect the law
- To ensure the safety of goods entrusted to him
... By setting up clearly defined objectives and rigorous monitoring.

Management asks each member of staff membership and full respect of those principles.
Altrans the Group takes into account the requirements of sustainable development in the daily exercise of its business and wants to be the guarantor of customer satisfaction and preservation of the planet.

In its ongoing commitment to improving performance, the group defined a source of values strategy and precise routes on which it intends to be exemplary:
reduction in CO2 emissions (by reducing fuel consumption, engine park last generation Euro 4 and 5 board information)
Environmental site management (reduction of consumables, project rainwater harvesting, use electrical equipment low consumption, GOL)
optimum waste management
equipment deposition photovoltaic panels
partnership with an environmental association
The environmental management policy aims to place the Altrans Group as one of the first eco carriers.

Altrans the company for over 30 years present on the road haulage market.
Under severe constraints such as European integration without legislative harmony, environmental requirements, geopolitical constraints, Altrans company has always shown its willingness and ability to adapt to different movements of the market.

Today face a crisis of international scope, I would rely more than ever on our quality approach on the expertise of women and men in society in order to consolidate the success factors of the benefits are as follows :
listening and customer satisfaction
the training of our staff
measuring the visible performance through reduced litigation
active participation within an economic grouping (Pole and Tred Union)
an efficient management system (ISO 9001-V2008)
productivity over expenses with a maximum rationalization
strict management to ensure the safety of all partners of the company

Altrans quality policy is to constantly improve the quality of services provided by the success factors for implementation as part of a continuous improvement approach.
The implementation of this policy is based on the commitment of company managers and on monitoring specific to their process indicators.
Policy and vision Quality and performance are subject to increased communication via the intranet particular, display, Journaltrans ... To all staff.
I undertake to make available to all staff all the necessary resources to achieve these objectives.
I entrust to the Head of Quality Management Quality Management System.
I ask all staff to adhere without reservation to our Management System of Quality and each of its actions in the spirit of this approach.


Dans le cadre de notre croissance et de notre développement continuel, nous recherchons pour nos agences des conducteurs routier en Régional ou en National :

Les départs possibles sont de:
  • Lens, Arras, Douai dans la région du Nord (62)
  • Saint Quentin Fallavier, Saint Vulbas, Macon, dans la région Rhône Alpes (38)
  • Aix en Provence dans la région Paca (13),
  • Contres, dans la région Centre (41),
  • Sochaux, dans la région Franche Comté (25),
  • Hoerdt, dans la région Alsace (67),
  • Hambach, Lunéville, pour la région Lorraine (57).

Vous devez obligatoirement être en possession du permis EC, avoir votre carte conducteur, votre FIMO et FCOS à jour.

Le salaire est à négocier selon vos compétences et votre expérience. (Comité d’Entreprise dynamique,  participation,…).


Si vous avez l’envie d’intégrer des équipes dynamiques, qui considèrent leurs chauffeurs comme les forces vives de l’entreprise, alors rejoignez nous.


Merci de nous faire parvenir votre CV à l’adresse suivante :


Nous recherchons pour notre agence de SOCHAUX un Responsable de Filiale LOGISTIQUE-TRANSPORT.

Prise de poste :
dès que possible


selon profil

De formation minimum BAC+2 dans le domaine Transport-Logistique, vous avez une solide expérience en tant que Responsable d'une filiale logistique idéalement dans le domaine de l'automobile.
Vous avez des compétences de communicant et de leader, vous savez accompagner vos équipes dans le cadre technique, vous savez faire preuve d'un réel sens du service client, de la gestion des priorités et vous savez faire preuve de réactivité et d'anticipation.

Descriptif du poste:
Vous aurez la conduite de l'activité logistique opérationnelle de l'usine en gérant et en optimisant les stocks et leur flux dans un soucis de réduction des coûts, de respect des délais, de la satisfaction client tout en tenant compte des contraintes de l'entreprise.
Vous supervisez et encadrez environ 70 personnes.
Vos axes de travail: décliner les objectifs, élaborer et suivre le budget, mise en place du planning de production, gestion de la relation client, management, animation de vos équipes, développement des compétences, gestion et suivi des reportings.


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